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Havel Ruck Projects


Dan Havel: 832-671-9974

Dean Ruck: 713-861-2732


Dan Havel: 832-671-9974

Dean Ruck: 713-861-2732



2018         "Open House", Sam Houston Park, Houston, TX

                 "Ripple", Cherryhurst House, Houston, TX

                 "Sharp", Seeds of Sharpstown Project, Sharpstown, Tx,

2014          "Three Houses", Art League Houston, Houston, TX

2012          "Western Sequels, Art from the Lone Star State", Athens School of Fine Art, Athens, Greece 

                      and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Turkey

2011           "Torrent", public art sculpture, City of Houston Permit and Licensing Building

                   "Fifth Ward Jam", public art project, Fifth Ward, Houston, TX

2009           "Architectural Euthanasia, a Survey of Havel Ruck Projects", Houston AIA, Houston Architecture Center, Houston, TX 

                   "No Zoning, Contemporary Art Museum", Houston, TX

2008           "False Space and Time in the Apartment", CentralTrak, Dallas, TX

2007           "Artadia 2006" Exhibition, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX

2005           "Apt. Suite", site specific installations,Houston, TX

                   "Inversion", Art League, Houston, TX         

                   "Scatterboats", Estudio Abierto, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

1995           "O House", house installation with Kate Petley Houston, TX



2018           Jack Murphy Assoc AIA, Havel Ruck’s Ripple, Texas Architect Magazine, May/June

                   Molly Glentzer, Project Transforms Bungalow Into Swirling Wonderland,  Houston Chronicle, March 16

                   Christiana Sullivan, Texas Architect Magazine, Havel Ruck Projects Open House in Sam Houston Park, Aug. 15

                   David Miller,  Inside the New Holey House in Downtown Houston, Houston Chronicle, July 17

2016           Nanotechture, book featuring Inversion project, Phaidon Press

                   David Miller, It Creates its Own Light, Cite Magazine (photos)

2014           Three Houses – Artist of Year, Catalog, Art League Houston

                   Molly Glentzner, Three Houses review, Houston Chronicle, Oct. 3 (photos)

2013           “Landscape Installation Art”, book featuring Inversion project, Tianjin Ifengspace Media,

                        (published in Mandarin and English)

2012           Jeff Huebner, “The Power of Impermanence”, Public Art Review, (photo) Fifth Ward Jam, fall/winter 2012

                   Fatos Ustek, Unexpected Encounters, book featuring Inversion project, published in Portuguese (photos)

                   Ripley’s Believe it or Not – “Inversion” installation (photo)

2011           Lisa Gray, “Artists Turn Bungalow into 'Fifth Ward Jam' Installation”, Houston Chronicle, Sept. 30, (photo)

                   “The Men Who Make Houses Explode (All for the Sake of Art)”, U.K. Daily Mail, Oct. 11

                   “Strikingly True - Ripleys Believe it Or Not, 2011”, Inversion House, (photo)

2009           "Brilliant Installation Artworks Around the World", Saenggakjaeng-I (The Big Thinker),

                   Korean Children’s Magazine, No. 131, pg. 35, (photos).

                   Douglas Britt, “CAMH No Zoning touts City’s Art Permeability”, Houston Chronicle, May 1

                   Lisa Gray, “After the Whirlwind”, Houston Chronicle, Feb. 6, (photo)

2008           Archistorm Magazine, fall issue

2007           Space Craft, Fleeting Architecture and Hideouts, book, photo essay on “Inversion”

2006           Arthur Worthmann, “The Implosion”, Mark Magazine, Issue #2, (photos)

2005           Johnson, Patricia, Apartment Suite, Houston Chronicle Sept. 8 (photo)

                   Klaasmeyer, Kelly, Tunnel of Love, Houston Press, June 23, (photo)

                  Peters, Patrick, Curb a Peel Along Montrose Texas Architect, July / August  (photos)

                  Ataeva, Anna, Wrong Side/Aesthetics of Destruction, Our Town,

                      Houston Russian Community Newspaper (photo) (in Russian)

                   Peters, Patrick essay, CITE, Fall issue (photo)

                   Alison de Lima Greene, O House/Inversion essay, Gulf Coast Magazine, (photo)

1996          Peters, Patrick, Casa Lucida/Casa Obscura Cite Magazine, Spring (photos)

1995          O House review, Public Art Review, Spring/Summer, (photo)

                  O House review, artlies Magazine, Spring, (photo)

                  Johnson, Patricia, O House review, Houston Chronicle, April 28, (photos)

                  Ward, Elizabeth, O House essay, Circa Magazine, Fall, (photo)




2019          Americans for the Arts, Public Art Review Top 50, Open House

2018          Americans for the Arts, Public Art Review Top 50, Sharp

2015          Inducted into the Houston Artist Hall of Fame, Houston Fine Arts Fair          

2014          Art League Houston - Artists of the Year 2014

2009          Texas Society of Architects – Artisan Honor Award

2008          Houston Arts Alliance Artist Neighborhood Project Grant

                  Artists of the Year Award, Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

                  Project Grant, Houston Architecture Foundation, Houston AIA

2006          Artadia Finalist Jury Award

                  Distinguished Achievement Award, Houston Chapter American Institute of Architects,

                  Houston Municipal Arts Commission

2005          Project Assistance Grant, CACHH

                  Project Assistance Grant, TCA

1995          Project Grant, “O House”, CACHH

2010 - present

2010 - present

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