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Havel Ruck Projects



Dan Havel - Dean Ruck


HAVEL RUCK PROJECTS is an independent artist collective based in Houston, Texas, established by sculptors Dan Havel and Dean Ruck.

The aim of the collective is to identify and coordinate the use of alternative sites for artistic intervention within the public realm.

They actively seek abandoned or unused sites or architectural spaces prior to their demolition or renovation to stage artistic actions.


Beginning informally in 1994 with Project O House, in collaboration with artist Kate Petley, the duo came together again in 2005 to create Inversion and Apt. Suite. in 2008, HRP was invited to Estudio Abierto in Buenos Aires, Argentina to create "Scatter Boats". In 2009 they formalized their collaborative as Havel Ruck Projects, LLP. That same year they executed the dual-site project "Give and Take" as part of the “No Zoning – Artists Engage Houston” at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. In 2011, HRP completed "Torrent", a permanent public art sculpture for the City of Houston and "Fifth Ward Jam", a temporary public art park in Fifth Ward Houston.

Havel Ruck Projects have garnered broad attention from the public and media and the artists are honored to have received grants and awards from American Institute of Architects, Houston Arts Alliance, Texas Society of Architects, and Artadia. Recently, their work was included in the 2012 "Ripley's Believe it or Not" annual book as well as several art and architecture books and magazines. There work is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, as well as private collections.


Dan Havel -

Dan Havel has been an active artist for 30 years. Born in St. Peter, Minnesota in 1959, he grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. After receiving his MFA in 1981 from Minnesota State University, Havel spent two years in the international artist residency program at PS1 in Long Island, Queens, NY.  After the residency, Havel moved back to Minneapolis and took part in the growing downtown art scene in the 1980’s.


Havel moved to Texas in 1990, living for 6 months in Fort Worth and exhibiting in Dallas before moving to Houston in 1991. He was an active member of the 90’s era underground art scene in Houston and is best known for his large scale installations in alternative public settings. 


For the last 25 years Havel has been an art educator. 25 of those years have been spent teaching art to middle and upper school students at 

St. John’s School in Houston.

Dean Ruck -

Born in Hamden, Connecticut, Dean Ruck has lived and worked in Houston since 1987, and is represented by Hiram Butler Gallery in Houston, TX. The artist works in all mediums, creating large and small sculptures, ambitious installations, and unconventional two-dimensional “drawings.” His work is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the City of Houston, Cranbrook Art Museum, and numerous private collections. He is also part of the collaborative artist group, Havel Ruck Projects, which is known for their large scale public art projects.



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